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Australia’s premium gaming platform, Casino-Mate, offers fast-paced Microgaming action, great bonus opportunities, quality investment options and house favorites.
Popular across the industry, Casino-Mate ensures consistent playability, potential and scale. Casino-Mate is constantly updated across both web and mobile platforms—making it ever-relevant across the gaming scene.



Casino-Mate’s Bonus Program

Casino-Mater offers grade-A bonus options through its immediate entry bonus program. Both Casino-Mate’s web and mobile platforms can access the bonus program, immediately accessing rewards on a per-deposit basis. Awesome opportunities await, as do percentage increases for new-timers and industry gurus alike:

  • A first deposit, 100-percent increase.
  • A second deposit, 200-percent increase.
  • A third deposit, 25-percent increase.
  • A fourth deposit, 50-percent increase.

Casino-Mate’s Platform

Each Casino-Mate newcomer is equipped with a $1,400 bonus immediately, granting high-win potential and manoeuvrability throughout the platform. Casino-Mate is directly accessible through Android, iPhone and iPad, and its Reel Pokies, Five Reek Pokies, and Pub Slots are constantly maintained—guaranteeing up-to-date gaming experiences – visit Casino-Mate Mobile Casino for more!



Payment and Security

Casino-mate utilizes a 128-bit SSL encryption system to maintain platform balance and protection. Its dedication to secure payments ensures total deposit security, and players can insert funds via electronic wallets, credit cards, and debit cards.

Casino-Mate’s Customer Service

Casino-Mate’s industry prevalence is attributed to its excellent customer service. Offering 24/7 live support, Casino-Mate thrives upon customer interaction. Email, phone, and on-site contact are available.

The Casino-Mate Loyalty Program

Industry know-how is generated through tiered brackets, events, and gaming escalation. Casino-Mate answers each player’s call to adventure with its color-coated lounge area. Focusing upon rewarded “C-bucks,” Casino-Mate offers the industry’s finest winnings through the following brackets:

  • Green Lounge
  • Silver Lounge
  • Gold Lounge
  • Platinum Lounge


As players progress, they’re awarded C-bucks to obtain bonuses, on-site benefits, Free Spins and more.
 As they escalate through the ranks, their status becomes relevant to different game difficulties, winning potential and more.