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Celebrities who were Bridesmaids

Posing as Bridesmaids: Selena Gomez, Nicole Scherzinger & Jessica Simpson.


Celebrities aren’t always in the spotlight, and they’ve made excellent bridesmaids, too. Several famous faces have been bridesmaids in their time, and some have performed bridesmaid duties for friends, loved ones and even other celebrities.


If you’re curious, check out the following celeb bridesmaids:


Selena Gomez as a Bridesmaids

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was a bridesmaid in December 2011. Performing duties for friend Shannon Larossi’s wedding, Selena Gomez’s appearance was also accompanied by modern sensation Justin Bieber. At the time, the two dated, existing as the wedding’s feature “star couple.”

Jessica Simpson bridesmaid to her publicist and friend Lauren Auslander

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was a bridesmaid for former her assistants, and friend Lauren Zelman’s wedding. Her current pregnancy didn’t halt wedding attire, either, as her eloquent dress and heels were quite the spectacle.


The wedding took place in California’s Palm Springs, and spring attire adorned the March gathering’s bright colors and displays.


nicole_scherzinger as bridesmaid

Nicole Scherzinger

February 2009 saw Pussycat Dolls lead and X-Factor expert judge Nicole Scherziner in the spotlight.


Her sister Keala Leemon was getting married, and her place as maid of honor was well-equipped with her exquisite musical talent.


The well known singer performed for her sister’s first wedding dance, as well as several other pieces. Nicole Scherziner has since been recognized for her familial dedication, her excellent attire and magnificent singing ability.

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