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Funny and Horrifying Bridesmaids Gifts

Who doesn’t like a little humor?


Funny and horrifying bridesmaids gifts create excitement on one’s special day, and the bride and groom needn’t be the only ones receiving gifts. If you’re considering collective gift ideas, the following will spike some interest, attention and a little humour!

Shades That show you are with teh TeamBride! Party Shades

Made popular through modern party scenes, party shades provide the utility of sunglasses alongside the flair of cool facial-wear. If you intend to evoke a response, try some customized party shades.

Tons of messages are available across bachelorette sunglasses, and many are capable of inspiring laughter—and even a little nervousness! No one ever said humour wasn’t a little embarrassing, right?


Tank T-ShirtsTank Tops hat show you are with teh TeamBride!

Also stylish, bridesmaid tank t-shirts have become modern party gifts.  Often covered with funny, overt, or even explicit messages, bridesmaid party tanks express everyone’ s deepest feelings and even funny quips!

These, too, are “customizable”, so you’ll never be left without something to say.



Bathrooms shouldn’t be left out either. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and are great party gifts. Of course the bridesmaids will use them. When accompanied with a necklace and the special day’s dress selection, bathrobes exhibit another comedic opportunity for communal laughter.


The big day shouldn’t always be serious, and a variety of gift options exist for those seeking a little more flair to common wedding practices. A lot of bridesmaid gifts serve to lavish, enthrall and welcome festivities.


A dash of humor added, a wedding party can become exceedingly funny quickly, presents included!


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